Our Mission

As as multi-faceted aerial and underground utility contractor, Woodlawn strives to provide it's clients with turn-key solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our Vision is to become a world-class communications company - the standard by which all others in the industry are measured.

Our History

Since Woodlawn was founded in 1972, they have become a leader in the utility construction industry and are one of the largest full service contractors in the Mid-Atlantic region. Their first customers were VaPower and C&P Telephone(Verizon). Their customer base has expanded to include local and long-distance carriers, network partnerships with VDOT, and local and state agencies.

Woodlawn specializes in the construction of aerial and buried outside plant copper, fibre optic and coaxial cable systems as well as turnkey conduit and manhole systems. In 1982, Continental Cable contracted Woodlawn to install some of the first fiber optic cable in the central Virginia area. In 1983, Woodlawn built one of the first large count conduit systems, including manholes and fiber-optic cable for a joint venture between AT&T and the US Army. These first projects were a small part of a growing industry. Today these type of projects make up the majority of Woodlawn's business.

Meeting customers cost schedules is always a top priority at Woodlawn. As demand for construction has increased, Woodlawn has grown to meet their customer's needs. To meet these needs and other project requirements, Woodlawn maintains a continuous relationship with a number of subcontractors.

Through progressive management and aggressive business practices, Woodlawn continues to be a leader in the communications industry.