Sales is an integral part of Woodlawn's operations. Our team of professional and courteous staff will provide you with economical and realistic solutions to your company's fiber optic needs. In today's market, the benefits of having an experienced team of outside plant professionals on your side are tremendous.

Network Sales

As a registered CLEC, Woodlawn can provide you with your own private conduit network. This allows you total control of your fiber optic capacity demands - a big advantage in today's fast-changing environment. 

Existing Facilities

Woodlawn has built its own networks in the Northern Virginia area as well as the Richmond, VA area. These conduit systems have been built and maintained to the same high standard associated with the Woodlawn name.


Woodlawn has an extensive list of satisfied customers, including RBOC's, CLEC's and ILEC's such as AT&T, MFN, Level3, WorldCom, Verizon and Cogent. In addition, Woodlawn has worked with various state and federal agencies to meet their current demands. A number of private companies have hired Woodlawn to fulfil their fiber optic requirements.

Bring us your fiber optic needs, be it Private Network requirements, dark fiber, highway relocations or access through last mile bottlenecks. Woodlawn will help you to achieve your project goals with extensive time and cost savings.