Aerial and Underground Placement

With over 30 years of combined aerial and underground placement, Woodlawn can provide you with locating, open cut trenching, directional drilling and man-hole/hand-hole placement services. If you require aerial placement, our crews can provide the stringing, lashing and pole placement needed to meet your requirements.

Multi-Tenant Conduit Systems - MTCS

The Woodlawn team specializes in the design and build of MTCS's. These systems bring together multiple carriers in large count duct bank systems providing substantial time and cost benefits to the carriers involved. In today's harsh economic climate, such systems are becoming an efficient means of meeting network/budget requirements.

Highway Relocations

Woodlawn has worked hand-in-hand with DOT agencies and carriers to provide this valuable service. Having one company handle the design, management and build of the relocation affords tremendous benefits to both the affected carriers and DOT. 

Critical Infrastructure

Woodlawn has built numerous critical underground infrastructure systems for both the government and private corporations requiring high levels of protection and diversity. These facilities involve multiple-entry reinforced concrete-encased duct banks, ensuring complete physical security.